So you’re interested in becoming an affiliate for The Fitness Cookbook? Lucky for you, the steps are very simple and you’ll earn 50% in commission!

Finding healthy recipes, that are macro-friendly, simple to make AND taste amazing isn’t the most simple of tasks. That’s where my cookbook comes in. You’ll help your clients, friends, family etc. reach their goals, plus you’ll earn a little extra cash while doing so. Pretty good deal, right?


How to become an affiliate:


1) Create a free Clickbank account: Head on over to to create your free account and username.

2) Create your referral link: After creating your account, the next step is to create your unique tracking link. You’ll use this URL to send your readers to

The format of your referral link is as follows:

You’ll need to replace “AFFILIATE” with your clickbank username.

ex) if your clickbank username is “food101” your referral link would be:

3) Test your link: To ensure your referral link is working properly, paste your unique link in a new browser window. Once you’re redirected to, click one of the “add to cart” buttons. You’ll then be redirected to a checkout form. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and look for your affiliate code. It should appear as follows:

[ affiliate = AFFILIATE]

Your clickbank username will appear in place of “AFFILIATE

4) You’re good to go! Start sharing this link with all your readers and earning your 50% commission!

I recommend sending an email to your list with information on the product, as well as posting information on your social media accounts. Since it’s a cookbook, it will be extremely useful to share images of the product along with reasons as to why your readers will benefit from purchasing it. What pain points will it solve? How will it make their life easier? Personal stories that relate to the product are a great way to address these points. Good luck spreading the word!